Frequently Asked questions & our best answers....

What is considered a "man hour"?


Each "man hour" consists of one (wo)man per one hour. We try to talk in terms of "man hours" in all of our conversations. Whether is is one person for three hours or three people for one hour, you will receive three man hours of wonderful cleaning. 

Also something that should be noted, we never go into first time cleans alone so if we are there half the time it is due to us supplying twice the staff.

We book appointments based on our schedule and what time allows. 

Can you quote on square footage?


Neighbours may have the exact same square footage, floor spaces and number of bathrooms but no two homes are alike. We take pride in the fact that we recognize that. 

Our promotion allows us time to come in and really take a look around and do some cleaning while we are there! From this clean we will give you an estimate for future flat rates based on your needs, your family and your home. 

Don't worry about keeping up with the neighbours. They may be dirtier than you anyway.

What products do you use? Safe ones.


We love what is in our kits and are always more than happy to share it with our clients. Lathered uses all natural products made and created "in house". The only smell that will ever enter your home is the smell of whatever essential oil is in season. 

Lathered does not carry anything abrasive or chemically enhanced to eliminate the chance of ruining any surfaces in your homes. ALWAYS eliminate the guess work. 

For a full list of "What's in our kits" or "what essential oils are in season" visit our blog. 

How do I make a payment?


We like to make this part easy! We will send you an invoice after your clean. By simply clicking on the invoice and choosing the "PayNow" option you can pay securely via credit card. You are also welcome to call our office and leave a credit card number on file. We can make life even easier by automatically submitting it for you after each clean. 

Email money transfers can also be made. Please contact us for email and requested passwords. 

Gift Certificates


Giving the gift of clean, the gift of time or the gift of sanity all fall under this category! We would love to supply you with a Gift Certificate! 

A couple of options are available. If you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate you can contact us directly via our "book an appointment" app. We can invoice and send a gift certificate by mail or arrange pick up. You are also welcome to book a clean (preferably with permission to avoid a B&E&Clean) and we can submit the invoice directly to you afterwards.

Do I have to be home?


All of our staff are bonded, insured and Lathered keeps up to date background checks on all of our staff members leaving your home in safe hands at all times! 

You are welcome to stay home or escape for the afternoon. As long as we have a way of entry, we will sneak in, clean and sneak back out! You can even pretend you cleaned it yourself if you want! 

Side note; If we are tricking someone else to think you did it, let us know and we will be sure to cover our tracks ;)