Quality service you can rely on for

 when everything else is relying on you.

Why choose a company?

Our values


Find your balance

We have based our principles on integrity in all that we do. From the products we use, to the respect we show our team and our clients, our promise is to ensure that each and every home and office is treated with the same amount of attention to detail, each and every time.

Our flat rate pricing ensures our staff never feel rushed - when we are rushed, the quality lacks and things can get wrecked.

 We treat your space with the same amount of delicacy we show our own.


Environmentally Responsible

All of our products are not only eco friendly, (made in our homes for yours), they are family and employee friendly. Whether your home or office consists of just you, a group of five or a fur-family, all of our products are non-toxic for everyone who might just put their mouths on the counter...or floor.

Client Focused

Alone, Meghan and Kristin offer over 35 years of customer service excellence and share this experience with the growing team. 

Our focus is on anticipating your wants before they become needs and being able to offer services that may slip your mind.


Cleaning For A Reason

We are proud of our affiliation with the Cleaning For A Reason foundation, the non-profit providing free, professional housecleaning services to women undergoing treatment for cancer. Women helping women. 

If you or someone you know is fighting the all too well known "c-word" please feel free to reach out to us or to the organization directly! 

To learn more about the foundation or make a contribution of your own visit www.cleaningforareason.org