Why Franchise?

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to franchise

Be part of something

We've started something, something amazing. Lathered does not end here. It consists of amazing leaders (featured on Meet our Teams). Women, men, mothers, students, part time, full time, all around amazing people. We wouldn't be what we are today without them and we never let them forget it. The way you treat your C.E.O should be the same way you treat your janitor and ours - are both. 

Limit face-to-pavement interactions

We had to fall on our face a couple times but the beautiful things is, we wrote each one of them down and reinvented a system to make sure we could limit the possibilities of you doing the same. This isn't reinventing the wheel. Which is ideal because we hear that took some time. 

Why we decided to take the leap.

Kristin Verbeek - The dreamer


"I was the mom who was falling apart"

Kristin's story

Meghan Peters - The doer


"I knew I had more to give"

Meghan's story

Tara Chesney - The juggler


"I saw an opportunity to help others."

Tara's story

Lisa Hook - The Chaos Coordinator


"I needed something more. Something for me."

Lisa's story

Heather Bourbeau - The goal digger


"I'm showing my kids they can do anything they set their mind to."

Heather's story

Tell us your why! What is yours?


Let us help you find your work/life balance! It exists and it is only an email away! 

Start your own story....

Meet our Social Media Guru, Alex! - Franchise bonus!


PhD in social media, but don't call me doctor. Actually, do.

Hi, I'm Alex!  I manage Lathered's social media accounts!  I have been with this wonderful company since just about the beginning and I'm so honoured they are allowing me to continue my journey with them on the road!  The beauty of social media is that you can do it from anywhere that has wifi and that's what I do!  I just spent my summer living in my camper van on the West Coast and now I am headed to backpack through Europe and then I head to Southeast Asia!  

"How old are you..."

You're probably wondering what gives a snot-nosed kid like me the right to be in charge of your online marketing.  Well, first of all, I'm older than I look. Back off.  And secondly, I studied communications in college and have attended various workshops to help me better understand the wonderful world of social media!  I really do have a passion for helping local businesses succeed! And, having known the wonderful ladies of Lathered for a few years now, I have an even bigger passion to see them succeed.

How It Works!

I have a social media calendar ready 3-4 months in advance at all times that ensures each month is ready to roll.  This organized calendar is available for all of our franchisees to access at all times to see what goodies I have planned!  Meaning you can see each upcoming ad and post well before it goes up.  I also always welcome communication and suggestions for where you'd like our social media to go!  We all have so much to offer each other as women in this field and I love hearing what your wonderful brains have come up with!!  Along with my social media calendar, I have a section for "conversations" where you can give me your input and ideas!