Small business is

BIG business in Canada

98% of businesses in Canada has less than 100 employees. 100 people to make the mess and no one to clean it makes Catherine a mean girl. We got you Cat! 

Lathered has experience in cleaning everything from medical offices to hair salons and home offices! We do it all! 

Benefits of having someone else doing the dirty work

Reduce Employee Sick Days

Promote Company Relationships

Promote Company Relationships


Sure, we know the keyboard is crawling with germs and the bathroom door handle is a veritable micro community. But there are a lot of other bacteria hotspots around the office – and many of them are not at all where you’d think.

Let Lathered come in and touch on those too! Eliminate the bacterial breeding grounds and keep your staff healthy and productive!

What about the start button on the copier? Or the handle on the shared coffee pot? 


Promote Company Relationships

Promote Company Relationships

Promote Company Relationships


Did you know Susan left her coffee cup in the sink again? Of course you knew. The only one who probably doesn't know is Susan. Office politics can be thick enough to trip on and seem to run through the office like a leaky hose. Creating a clean environment takes away the irritability that an un-tidy surrounding seems to consistently provide. 

"Can't we all just get along?"

Rodney King said it but we certainly agree with it. 

So who's job is it to clean? Besides the undoubtedly obvious answer - Lathered.

Increased Productivity

Promote Company Relationships

Increased Productivity


Evidence has shown that a messy workspace can be a self-defeating environment, meaning the less organized our surroundings, the more likely we are to do substandard work by taking the shortest route, or giving up on the task altogether. The studies summarized by the research mentioned above make clear that disorganization portrays the sense that we’ve lost control over our environment, and therefore lack the ability be at our best. Concerningly, this is often a subconscious reaction to what’s around us, so even when we make a point to push past the disorder, we can still be more subpar than usual without realizing it.

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