What should you expect from your first appointment? How does it all work? Check out our quick explainer video!

All we need is a little information from you first by clicking below and filling out the quick from and we will take it from there. 

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Your initial clean will take a little more time than subsequent cleans so we like to make it affordable! "First 5 hours for $150". We typically clean in groups of two so this includes the first 2.5 hours with two of our staff. If your home requires any additional time we charge at a rate of $40/man hour. This allows us to get your house to the cleanest state possible and allows us to see the amount of work involved going forward.  From this appointment we leave you with Quotes for Future cleans at a FLAT rate. Meaning there are never any surprises in rates or time management. We base our rates on whether you decide on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (every 4 weeks) and the amount of work that is involved.  

What do we do when we get there?


"You've been Lathered" list

With our laminated Lathered List's completed on every clean and left for you, you will always know where we spent our time, what extras have been done or what we may not have had time to get to on that clean and WHY. "I wonder why they didn't tackle the blinds this time? Because they cleaned out the area under the sink." Yes - we do that.

This extremely detailed checklist not only allows us to double check anything that may have been missed on this visit but it helps us to plan for the next visit or see what extras our team did last time. It also allows you, the client, to come home and see exactly what we did! 


Anything worth doing is worth doing right

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

For our initial clean our goal is never to get everything done as quickly as possible in hopes of staying within a certain time frame. Our goal is ALWAYS to walk into a room and make it perfect before leaving. This can take time but with our amazing cleaning methods, we are as efficient as efficient can be! 

We keep the lines of communication completely open so you can touch base with our office at any time during your clean to check up, see what we have done, what is left to do and how long we are guesstimating it to take. We can appreciate a budget and the love for a clean home. It is a balancing act we are here to help you with!

Our Guarantee

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

Is there something you are not completely satisfied with? Send a quick e-mail or fill out our survey and let us know that day and we will do our best to have someone there as early as the next morning to make amends. Everyone has an off day or may overlook something from time to time but Lathered promises a level of quality beyond "off days". 

Please note; our promotional special or hourly rates that are based on a maximum amount of time to suit the clients budget can limit the possibilities of getting to everything within limited times.

How do you control quality?

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

How do you control quality?

Ask our husbands, we can control just about anything! :) 

Each Lathered leader is required to perform one random quality check throughout each week. We keep it random to keep everyone on their toes! If your home is selected, we will always touch base before going in and we try to keep checks as close to our cleans as possible in hopes of avoiding disruption.

It is good practice to have our leaders perform these checks as it helps us know what we should look for when we are cleaning as well.